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With over 30 years of experience clients turn to the attorneys at ABN Law for Litigation as our approach has one objective in mind:  the resolution of your personal and business disputes in the most expeditious, cost-effective, and smartest way possible.

At ABN Law, we represent a diverse array of clients, all of whom need practical advice they can rely on when faced with actual or threatened disputes or lawsuits.

The experience and mindset of your attorney can make all the difference between winning and losing.  At ABN, our philosophy is to seek out every reasonable opportunity to solve your problem.  We work with you to provide practical advice, and to determine the best strategy for you, with an eye towards making sure you choose your battles wisely, avoid petty differences, and work towards resolution either through a reasonable negotiation, or a carefully planned, solid litigation/trial strategy if litigation is unavoidable.

Our lawyers are intimately familiar with how courts assign legal responsibility, and we deploy our broad range of experience, and our unique relationships, to customize a strategy to provide innovative guidance to resolve your dispute or lawsuit.

At ABN, we are especially proud of our track record with regard to litigation. This takes multiple levels of thorough preparation and resources, including good relationships, credibility in the legal community, and being able to execute in all phases of litigation–from negotiation all the way through trial, and appeal–to name a few.  Further, ABN attorneys are a trusted resource to help develop and implement strategies to stop litigation before it arises, and to protect and defend you and your business from litigation should it arise.

We take on your matter with as much attention as if it’s our own, and simply put, we treat you like we’d like to be treated.